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Mind Body Spirit Center News

Mind Body Spirit Center News

Congratulations! Now you are on the way to your Best Health

We are happy to see you here and can’t wait to embrace you in our warm and helpful community where you can find real solutions for your symptoms that might have been holding your life back for years. In Mind … Continue reading

Addictions: A New Look

Addictions: A New Look We have all been touched by drug and alcohol addictions either personally or professionally. Maybe it is someone you know, a loved one, or … you. Addiction is an equal-opportunity affliction, affecting people without regard to … Continue reading

Vitamin C Supplements Linked to Kidney Stones

Men who take vitamin C supplements may have an increased risk for developing kidney stones, according to a new study. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for the formation of collagen in bones, cartilage, muscle … Continue reading

10 Tips to Cure Bad Breath

10 Tips to Cure Bad Breath Whether it’s a fleeting case of morning breath or a lingering bout with halitosis, everyone has bad breath sometimes. Unfortunately, for as easy as it is to get bad breath, getting rid of it … Continue reading

Health is Wealth

Are you an executive for a large corporation or a small business owner who is working hard to be successful while keeping an eye on the budget? The financial fitness of any business is dependent on the health of the … Continue reading

Announcing the new Mind Body Spirit Center web site!

Dr. Sharon Norling’s Mind Body Spirit Center is pleased to announce the release of our new website.  Our new site has been redesigned with a fresh new look and has been updated with information about our latest services and so … Continue reading