Tips to prevent holiday stress and depression

Tips to prevent holiday stress and depression

When stress is at its peak, it’s hard to stop and regroup. The key is to prevent stress and depression in the first place. If the holidays have taken an emotional toll on you in the past, make this year a much better year. Plan ahead and prepare early!

1. Acknowledge your feelings and what do you personally need to do to make it a better holiday season for you. Yes, you. Take an afternoon or day off just for you, schedule a massage, and enjoy an Epsom salt bath.

2. This year focus on your self-care. Shorten your gift list and consider giving money, a donation to their favorite charity, of gift certificates. Many times, family and friends prefer to pick out their own gifts.

3. Reach out to cleaning services, grocery stores and personal shoppers for help.

4. Plan to have the shopping, decorating, gift wrapping, and all meal planning one 10 -30 days ahead of the holidays.

5. Hosting a party or planning to attend one? Prepare most foods, refrigerate or freeze 3 days before your events. It takes the pressure off you. You can then really enjoy the Holidays and be a guest at your own party!

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