For patients who live outside of the Western North Carolina area telephone consultations are available. No matter where you live you can now start the process of finding the underlying cause of your illness or symptom.

It is important for you to continue with your local physician. Dr Norling is a consultation service that helps you find the root cause of your symptoms or illnesses. She uses effective natural approaches whenever possible.

Once your appointment is made an extensive health assessment form will be sent to you prior to the telephone consultation. Also, if you have any recent labs or medical records these are important to submit prior to the appointment. Dr. Norling will then review these documents prior to her consultation with you. The consultations are one hour long.

For further details or any questions please call the office at 828-595-9880 to begin your healing journey.

Phone: 828-595-9880
1507 Haywood Road Suite E
Hendersonville, NC 28791