Healthy Living Spaces

Healthy Living Spaces

Have you ever walked in to a room where two people had just been fighting and felt uncomfortable? Or maybe you have walked in to a dark alley or bad neighborhood and not felt right? Conversely, certain places in nature, your church or temple, the place in your house where you meditate, pray, or read good books all seem to have a certain healing presence just by being there. Perhaps some people comment that they feel good being in those rooms without even knowing what usually takes place there. Carolyn Myss, best-selling author and internationally recognized medical intuitive, states everyone is so intuitive that they do not trust what is already a part of them. Intuition and sensing are so natural to everyone that they dismiss the signs and messages that our brain gives us regarding these feelings about places and people.

There is a science behind creating healing living spaces whether these are homes, work offices, or landscapes. It is not a matter of just feeling uncomfortable it is a matter of health. The most common indications of this geopathic stress are resistance to medical treatment, a feeling of being run down and exhausted, depression, anxiety, and feeling cold.Other symptoms include not wanting to go to bed and when in bed, experiencing insomnia, nightmares or restless sleep. People can wake up with fatigue, a fuzzy head and backache. It is reported that geopathic stress can lower you immune system so that you have less change of fighting any illness. It can decrease the absorption of vitamins and minerals and make you more vulnerable to food allergies and intolerances.


Children often wet the bed and babies cry continuously. The Chinese are known to take babies into the house when looking to buy or move into a new home. If the baby cries and appears disturbed, then they believe this to be a clear indication of severe geopathic stress. Some people, quite understandably, feel  geopathic stress is purely psychological, but you cannot influence the behavior of babies and animals. Are you, your family members or your animals sick for no apparent reason? Do you seem to have more health problems then your friends or relatives? If so, consider having your home or office evaluated for electromagnetic (EMG) rays, ‘dragon lines’, as the Chinese call them, or geopathic stress in your environment. Corrections can then be made to have your environment a healthier space.

The science of creating healthy living spaces is a vast art dating back to the ancient Egyptian times and residing in all cultures: East and West, North and South. Many people are familiar with the Chinese Art of Feng Shui or proper placement of objects in a room regarding direction in order to bring peace and harmony to a place. A more modern method of energetically balancing an environment is called Space Clearing, a term first coined and popularized by Karen Kingston. In all these cases, the practitioner sees the land and space as a living matrix of energy affected by the direction, objects, and people who inhabit that place. By manipulating the environment, one can create spaces that are conducive to health, healing, and wholeness. How is it done?

Normally one first takes into account direction. In some systems of Feng Shui the direction of the front entrance is very important. People enter the front entrance of a home, office, and business and bring energy into the establishment. One can think of the front entrance as a portal or door which allows a flow of energy like a river to enter the house. The front entrance is like a person’s mouth.  In one system, it is beneficial to have the front door face North because the energy radiating from the Northern direction is red.  Red corresponds in many traditional Chinese customs to wealth and prosperity. By finding a place which has an entrance way that faces North, the continual flow into the building will be this prosperity energy. In another case, if the establishement’s entrance faces East, the type of energy being brought through is a spiritual or divine quality of energy or vibration. This would be appropriate for a place of worship, for instance. The strongest combination would be a house or building that had its entrance which face northeast to bring both the physical energy of wealth and prosperity and the spiritual energy coming from the East. This is just one way the concepts of Feng Shui can be used to set up a proper energetic environment.

What has become an increasing concern for many people is the proliferation of electromagnetic appliances and machines and the ensuing detrimental vibrations felt around these objects. Most recently there has been a proliferation of devices to help correct these electromagnetic effects such as the BIOPRO Cell Chip which can be placed on one’s cell phone. People are becoming increasingly sensitive to being around computers, cell phones, and wi-fi devices. Is this something real? Or is it just in their imagination?

A growing number of energy modalities and energy medicine workers are becoming aware of these detrimental effects of electromagnetic pollution. One modality, in particular, called Biogeometry® has worked hard at finding ways to correct the quality of energy coming out of electromagnetic devices. Biogeometry® is the study and practice of ancient Egyptian energy principles combined with modern energy work to energy balance objects, places, and people using shapes, colors, sounds, and angles.

How was this discovered and what is its basis?  The founder of Biogeometry®, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, calls Biogeometry® the “physics of quality.”What is being corrected is the quality of the electromagnetic energy and not the quantity. There is a particular vibration in electromagnetic energy, termed Vertical Negative Green, that is harmful to biological systems. This was determined using vibrational dowsing methods, a term used to describe tools that can pick up and differentiate various subtle vibrations. Using these vibrational dowsing methods, Dr. Karim was able to identify this harmful quality of electromagnetic energy and also the vibrations that could correct it. The Biogeometry® method is based on the ancient Egyptian temple sciences that created the pyramids. The particular shape of the pyramid was meant to create certain shifts in consciousness that were important for people undergoing initiations in the temple. Using this same concept of shape, Dr. Karim investigated certain shapes that could correct the detrimental quality of electromagnetic energy. These shapes could then be placed near the power cord or on the electrical device thereby neutralizing these detrimental vibrations. These various shapes can also be placed on the powerbox of an establishment thereby transmuting all the electrical sources coming into a place.

It is important to note that because what is being corrected is the quality of the electromagnetic energy and not the quantity, the changes will not be picked up by any electronic meter. It would be necessary to use the vibrational dowsing equipment which tests for the quality or vibration of the energy surrounding something. That may not be enough evidence for a hard-nosed scientific skeptic but what should be noticeable is a change in the environment where this electromagnetic energy has been residing. People will feel calmer, more peaceful, and able to think more clearly than before. Again, it would be our innate intuition and gut feeling that would recognize the change first just like in the opening examples of the places that felt uncomfortable versus those that felt peaceful. Biogeometry® and other earth energy sciences like this take the quality of living to a whole new level. The capacity to detect and transform detrimental energies in our environment to beneficial ones will have a long lasting effect on the quality of our lives and our children’s lives and health. Be prepared and open for something new, vast, and exciting.

Written by: Gene Ang, PhD and Dr. Sharon Norling, MBA


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