The question is “Is the life you are living worth the life you are giving up?” What is your answer?

Things didn’t used to be so difficult. You may be just trying to make it through the day. You are smiling for your family and the public, but the smile isn’t real. You are not well but you don’t want to complain. Gone are the days that you had left over energy at the end of day. The days when you could multitask. The days you experienced boundless enthusiasm. You notice you need two of everything…2 pair of glasses, 2 pair of sunglasses, 2 sets of keys just in case you can’t find the first item.

I want you to know you are not alone. Don’t give up. There is help and there is hope.

Janet came into my office after seeing many physicians over several years. She said she was exhausted, and as she said it she had tears in her eyes. She said in a desperate tone, “You are my last hope.” Janet was unable to work and spent much of her day in bed with pain. Her symptoms also included migraines, sinusitis, anxiety, depression, heartburn, irritable bowel disease, joint pain, muscle stiffness, difficulty concentrating, lack of focus, and memory loss. Her extensive medical records revealed a normal chemistry panel, negative endoscopy and colonoscopy. The diagnoses was “normal findings” and the recommendations from her previous doctor were an antacid and an SSRI anti-depressant.

After a comprehensive assessment and specialized lab tests, Janet was found to have severe IgG hidden food allergies, low thyroid, and a neurotransmitter imbalance. A DNA stool test also diagnosed intestinal parasites, H. Pylori, and intestinal overgrowth of yeast. She was treated for these conditions using natural therapies whenever possible. She discontinued her antacid and antidepressant. After 3 months, all of her symptoms disappeared and she was happy, healthy, productive, and back to work full time!

In Janet’s own words.

“Dr. Norling changed my life. I was just existing, performing minimal duties with absolutely no passion, lacking motivation and energy. My self-esteem was minimal, I had severe indigestion and would become full after a few bites of food. Dr. Norling’s diagnosis was food allergies (dairy and eggs), extreme Vitamin D deficiency and H-Pylori bacteria. She also tested my neurotransmitters and found that I had low levels of gaba, serotonin and dopamine. I was given supplements and I have never felt better in my life. She explained that we have as many brain cells (neurons) in our gut as our brain, so the food allergies were causing brain fog. I wake up every day excited about my life. Dr. Norling has also treated my four year old grandson, I believe saving his life. In addition she has treated my six year old grandson’s food allergies and gut issues, and six other members of my family, the rest are waiting in line. We are indebted to Dr. Norling and her treatment of the body, mind and spirit.”

The landscape of healthcare and clinical practice are changing quickly, with more and more people today developing chronic illness, chronic pain, and unresolving conditions. Many of these individuals do not have a “diagnosable disease”.

They have a long list of symptoms and ailments but using the conventional testing today, they are dismissed, overlooked, and misdiagnosed by a hurried doctor. The conventional labs are normal and you look good on paper. But you know you are not well. You know you just don’t have the energy, stamina, and mental clarity you once enjoyed.

Dr. Jeffrey Bland says, “We need to listen to the patients’ story and develop a response to it. The approach to complex syndromes may be much more profound than just trying to point a round peg in a square hole and get a singular diagnosis.”

Natural Approach to Total Fitness

Busy lives, stressful schedules, poor diets, inadequate sleep, not enough down time and lack of energy are all too common in our society today. With all of life’s obligations, something has got to give, and often it’s your fitness regimen.

Mental Fitness

Scientific studies studies show there is a close connection between our mind, body, thoughts, and emotions. When you have a joyful thought or feel gratitude, your brain releases a cascade of molecules and feel good hormones that elevate your mood and strengthen your immune system.

Just as physical exercise maintains body tone, strength, and endurance, mental exercise has positive conditioning affects as well. The National Institute of Mental Health, Duke University, and the National Institute on Aging support the findings that “mental and physical decline with aging is not inevitable.”

The first step is to take action! Overcome monotony and routine in your life as it generates mental and emotional lethargy and resignation. Our brains are wired to be curious, but sometimes our busy lives stifle or deny us of our natural curiosity.

• Laugh—Laughing helps reduce stress and breaks old patterns. It can be a “quick-charge” for our brains.
• Remember—Spend time with your positive memories.
• Play—Take time to play. It is a great way to exercise your brain.
• Learn something new—Whatever you decide to learn can be light, fun, and distracting. Exercise your brain by learning and enjoy the increase of endorphins!
• Exercise—Physical activity brings more oxygen to the brain.
• Feed your brain—Essential fatty acids, EPA/DHA, good nutrition and supporting supplements will provide you with a clear mind.
• Rest more—Your brain works well with adequate rest and sleep.

Emotional Fitness

Stress can be thought of as a message from our central nervous system. It’s telling us that enough is most definitely enough, and if we don’t provide some relief, it is going to take other systems down with it!

Physical exercise is good for developing a lean body, strong muscles and a strong heart, but is has also been shown to help maintain emotional fitness as well! In fact, researchers at Duke University studied people suffering from depression for four months and found that 60 percent of the participants who exercised for 30 minutes just three times a week overcame their depression without using antidepressant medication.

Physical Fitness

In the past two decades, the proportion of children and teens in America who are overweight or obese has tripled. Nine million kids are carrying excess weight, with millions more at serious risk. Television and computer games have taken the place of physical activity for many American children; with more kids playing football on their PlayStation than they are on the playground.

If the trend continues, this generation of school children may be the first in modern times to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, an eight-year study of 13,000 people found that those who walked 30 minutes a day had a significantly lower risk of premature death than those who rarely exercised. In fact, a regular walking program can help reduce blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, increase cardiovascular endurance, boost bone strength, burn calories, and keep weight down. Best of all, walking is simple, free, and convenient. If you are just beginning a fitness plan, walking is a great place to start.

Consider having IV (intravenous) nutrient therapies to give your body what it needs to help itself mentally, emotionally and physically.

Good physical condition increases your sexuality by increasing your testosterone level, muscle tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular status. For many reason fitness can bring a smile to your face.

It’s not what has happened to you… It’s what you do about it. There are only three choices in life. Give up. Give in. Give it all you’ve got.

The time is now.

Live your best life. You deserve it.

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