Fight Cancer With Immune-enhancing IV Vitamin C

Fight Cancer With Immune-enhancing IV Vitamin C

We have all been touched personally and professionally by cancer. When a person is told they have cancer, their mind often goes into turmoil. Thinking clearly can be difficult and the amount of information available from friends, books, the Internet, health professionals and alternative practitioners is overwhelming.

Although approaches to cancer treatment may vary, gaining an understanding of our immune system’s role in cancer prevention makes it obvious that the most important way to prevent, arrest and treat cancer is to support the body’s immune system.


The trillions of cells in our bodies are constantly regenerating. If any of the new cells are imperfect, the immune system’s job is to recognize and destroy them, as it does with invading viruses and bacteria. If, for some reason, the immune system does not destroy abnormal cells, cancer can develop.

Abnormal cancer cells that slip through the immune (defense) system can start to multiply out of control. If the immune system does not recognize and stop it, this new clump of abnormal cells can become a cancer. Initially the cancer cells grow where they first occurred, but sometimes small clumps can break off and travel in the blood or lymph to other parts of the body and start growing there — this is called metastases.

Vitamin C Boost

Vitamin C, also known as sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid, effectively enhances the immune system, and high doses of vitamin C administered intravenously have been shown to fight cancer without interfering with conventional cancer therapies.

A water-soluble vitamin, vitamin C is not stored or manufactured in the body, so we rely on food and supplements for our recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Using high-dose intravenous vitamin C, often one thousand times more than the RDA, may decrease cancer patients’ symptoms and prolong life. More than 75 years of physician reports and laboratory and clinical studies document the success of high-dose vitamin C therapy in the fight against cancer. What’s more, studies show vitamin C appears to be toxic to cancer cells without harming normal cells.

“Ascorbate (ascorbic acid, vitamin C), in pharmacologic concentrations easily achieved in humans by IV administration, selectively kills some cancer cells but not normal cells,” according to a study published by Mark Levine in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in May 2007.

Enhancing the immune system helps our bodies help themselves. Ask your physician or integrative practitioner about the benefits of using high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy to decrease cancer symptoms and prolong life.

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