Delegate, Delete, and Diminish

Delegate, Delete, and Diminish

Have you heard of the Three D’s to the Holidays?  Delegate – Delete – Diminish

  1. Are you entertaining this season? Look at your lists and delegate items to your adult children, single friends, or available family members. It is probably long overdue.

“I love the Holiday casserole you make! Would you mind bringing it to the dinner we are having?”

“You are so good at wrapping! Why not come over for coffee/or a drink and help me wrap some gifts? Together I don’t think it will take much time.”

“Since you know exactly what your children want as gifts, how about I write you a check and you can buy them what they want? Then we can wrap them together.”

2. Delete some of the Holiday traditions that are probably not only time consuming but not as much appreciated as they were in the past.

3. Look over the gift list and card list and diminish the number of people to send to during the Holidays. You can always send a note or card after the Holidays, share some photos, and wish them a Happy New Year.

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