The Science of Zeal


Zeal Wellness is the result of scientists searching the world for the best natural ingredients to enrich, restore and protect health and vitality. In Brazil, they found natural rice bran, one of the most nutrient-dense super foods on the planet, and extracted the most nutritious part for Zeal Wellness. In North America, they found aloe vera, long-heralded for its healing properties and digestive and immune system support. From the Amazon, they brought back acai, the legendary antioxidant that helps fend off the ravaging effects of free radicals. Tumeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory from India; goji berries from the Himalayas and noni from the South Pacific are also on the list of powerful ingredients in a single concentrated serving of Zeal Wellness.

As Zeal Wellness enters the body, it is readily absorbed and immediately goes to work at the cellular level.

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Enrich – a complete spectrum of nutrition including rice bran extract, moringa oleifera, blueberry powder, cranberry powder, broccoli sprouts and alfalfa sprouts.

Restore – polysaccharides promote cellular health and youthfulness with a unique cellular health ingredient. One serving of Zeal contains the healing power comparable to drinking 64 ounces of aloe juice.

Protect – more than 80 different trace, ionic, fulvic minerals and zeolites to deliver nutrients at the cellular level.











Zeal Wellness is an all-in-one natural nutritional blend of whole food concentrates. An excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins, this delicious formula goes to work immediately.  You’ll feel better, look better and have a new Zeal for life!

Increase your mental clarity. Many of the ingredients in Zeal Wellness have been shown to improve memory and mental performance and stimulate clarity and focus. Knowing you’re doing something great for your body is a tonic for the mind as well!

Boost your alertness. Who doesn’t want to feel more alert? The unique blends of nutrients and vitamins in Zeal Wellness provide your body’s systems with the extra oomph you need.

Feel more vibrant. A sense of vitality and well-being comes from a combination of good physical health, high energy levels and a positive mental attitude. Zeal Wellness can help you achieve all three and more with its synergistic blend of whole food concentrates.

Turn back the clock. Zeal Wellness induces your body’s natural antioxidant enzymes to combat oxidative stress and restore your cells to a youthful state. Zeal Wellness can’t literally take years off your age, but it might feel like it!

Protect your body from environmental stress. Noise, air pollution, traffic, poor lighting, clutter … environmental stresses are all around us. These manmade and natural forces can have adverse affects in the form of headaches, frustration, tiredness and general discomfort. Zeal Wellness can give you the defenses you need to fend off stresses and keep your energy level high.

Improve your nutritional balance. Today’s processed, low-nutrient foods leave a big nutritional gap in many people’s diets. The Zeal Wellness formula contains over 100 essential nutrients specially selected to supplement your everyday diet with the nutrients you need.

Get a tasty, low-calorie treat. Zeal’s wild berry flavor gives you a natural, delicious way to start your day, rev up your afternoon or reenergize your evening. At only 48 calories, Zeal fits right into a healthy weight loss plan.


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