Sex and the Brain…

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It has been said that your brain is your largest sex organ. If your brain is not healthy, your sex life can suffer, too.

Your brain function can affect some really fundamental aspects of your love life. How you treat that special person in your life, the one important to you in a sexual way, can be a good indicator of your brain’s health. Expressing an unkind remark, shortness of temper, withdrawal of affection, along with other unhappy symptoms, often indicate that your brain chemistry is somehow awry. An unhealthy brain can cause all sorts of mental and physical problems. One of the saddest is the loss of the physical and mental sensations of love and affection that are fundamental to your well-being.

The brain only weighs about three pounds and consists of 60% fat, it contains 100 billion nerve cells. As each cell has up to 30,000 connections, there are about 1000 trillion total connections in the brain, more than there are stars in the universe.
No matter what your age or station, an ever-growing body of research shows that you always have a second chance to shine.

The brain fitness term suggests that cognitive abilities can be maintained or improved by exercising the brain the same way physical fitness is improved by exercising the body. There is strong evidence that aspects of brain structure remain plastic throughout life, and that high levels of mental activity are associated with reduced risks of confusion, lack of focus, difficulty thinking and age-related dementia. Eat healthy brain foods like good fats (nuts, salmon, seeds, and avocados) for better sex.

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