Services at the Mind Body Spirit Center

Medicine is a science, an art and a philosophy. It is a refreshing, natural approach to total health care which acknowledges the human body’s innate healing potential.

Pain and disease may be considered gifts when understood, have the ability to profoundly change our lives for the better. Patients are helped to see how their levels of stress, anxiety, anger and fear often perpetuate a pain syndrome long after physical injury has healed.

Our services support the body’s healing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. What we put in and on our body has a profound effect on our health. We offer a customized plan for our patients to use services to meet their individual needs. Services to enhance your healing are nutrition counseling, energy medicine, massage, hypnotherapy, educational seminars, and evidenced based nutritional therapies including specific intravenous infusions (IV)

Sometimes you might feel stuck, confused or lacking clarity. In addition, there might be experiences in your life, past or present, from which a lack of understanding causes you to hesitate as you make decisions. Or if you have experienced illness, you may want assistance re-aligning your mental, emotional and spiritual self with the healthy person that is emerging through physical recovery. These are times when you might benefit from the services provided.

The services may use intuitive guidance to help bring clarity and understanding to your life. This can help you validate your own instincts, assist you in finding your passion and purpose, and provide support as you move forward into your authenticity. In your private session you will not only gain insights, but also practical tools to help you move forward with grace.

Please visit the following the pages to become more familiar with the services available through Dr. Norling and the Mind Body Spirit Center.