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Fatty Acid Analysis

Sixty percent of our brain is made out of fats. Sixty to eighty percent of our cell membrane is made out of fats. Do you have the right fats and the right amount for a healthy body and healthy brain?

Fats are not a four letter word. The Fatty Acid Analysis from Johns Hopkin’s University lab will identify imbalances in your fatty acids.

This comprehensive specialized blood test identifies the level and quality of fatty acids in your body. With this one blood test you get the information you need to make the necessary adjustments to correct this imbalance. Maybe you are not taking enough of the Omega 3’s or maybe you are taking too much and this is decreasing the Omega 6’s. An imbalance can cause a wide range of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms and illnesses. This lab can also tell you if you are beginning to de-myelinate. Myelin is the sheath that covers a nerve root. If it begins to fragment illnesses and neurological disorders can occur. Find out the underlying cause of your conditions by calling our offices today.


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