Dr. Norling is an internationally-renowned, dynamic speaker whose medical knowledge is well-respected and in high demand. As a presenter, she is engaging, articulate, humorous, insightful and memorable. As the author of Your Doctor is Wrong she draws large audience.

Dr. Norling’s expertise is based on her years of clinical experiences, her faculty position at the University of Minnesota Medical School, and her research. Her roles have brought her in direct contact with all levels of business, government and healthcare. Recognized for her expertise, Dr. Norling has testified before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy.

Importantly, she is a skilled and highly trained compassionate physician who finds the root cause of symptoms and illnesses. During her years in healthcare she has been nurse, medical doctor, hospital administrator, advocate and a dismissed and misdiagnosed patient.

Whether you have heard her on the radio, seen her on TV or sharing the stage with celebrities, Dr. Norling is the expert. When she is speaking at conferences, groups, organizations, special events, or for corporations, she delivers a powerful keynote. Each presentation is customized. Her many health topics will resonate with everyone in the audience.

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Dr. Norling’s presentations are known for incorporating the patient’s perspective and powerful real-life stories. Filled with humor, anecdotes, and true life-changing experiences, Dr. Norling separates fact from fiction. She relates well to her audiences, and they respond with laughter and tears as they identify with her message. Her forthcoming book, Your Doctor is Wrong, particularly resonates with a wide audience.

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Effective family health management -July 27, 2012 Hosted by Randy Rolfe, JD, MA, Bestselling author, family therapist, and wellness educator

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