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Comprehensive Assessment

Your health deserves a comprehensive evaluation. Dr. Norling uses the best of conventional and specialized testing to assess you as an individual.

Time and information are required for a comprehensive assessment. Prior to our patients having an appointment with Dr. Norling many have had a brief phone conversation outlining their concerns, symptoms, and illnesses.

The patient fills out a comprehensive health assessment form 16 pages long. Don’t be overwhelmed by the length. Although it is long, it is a simple form to complete. The patient begins their healing journey with completion of the this assessment. It is important for Dr. Norling to get information on the whole person so she can best help her patients. She reviews this form prior to meeting with the patient. This allows her to begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and provides educational material to the patient as indicated.

Patients are asked to bring in any medical records, recent lab results, the supplements and the pharmaceutical drugs the patient may be taking. All patients have their own conventional doctor and Dr. Norling serves as a consultant. Comprehensive lab tests would be ordered if this has not already been done by the primary doctor. The labs include a (CBC) complete blood chemistry panel, lipid panel, inflammatory markers, comprehensive metabolic panel, thyroid testing including TSH, free T3 and free T4, vitamin D, hormones, and other labs specifically indicated by the patients needs.

Any other testing such as routine mammography, colonoscopy, bone mineral density, and others that have not recently been ordered by the primary care doctor may be ordered by Dr. Norling or the patient is referred back to the primary doctor, for those tests. Dr. Norling welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with all physicians to ensure the best care for the patient.

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