Are Your Neurotransmitters Balanced?

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Are you anxious, depressed, lack energy, craving carbohydrates, having difficulty sleeping or experiencing brain fog? You may have a neurotransmitter (NT) imbalance. This imbalance can result in mental, emotional, and physical changes.

Millions of Americans are experiencing depression and unhappiness, yet commonly, they are simply prescribed the band-aid of a pharmaceutical drug. In looking at American society today, one might believe there is a massive epidemic of Prozac deficiency!

Before any treatment is given it is important to test. The good news is that there are FDA certified specialty labs that measure the levels of serotonin, GABA, nor-epinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine, glutamate and cortisol. I think it is a misguided practice  to treat if you don’t know what you are treating. We wouldn’t treat cholesterol without a lab, we wouldn’t treat thyroid conditions without  a lab nor would we give insulin to a diabetic without knowing the blood sugar levels.

Once the test results indicate the specific imbalance a person can be treated as an individual. Most neurotransmitters are made from protein or amino acids and nutrient co-factors. A safe and effective way to raise neurotransmitter levels is to give your body these building blocks it needs to make them.

There is a wide range of therapeutic  lifestyle choices to enhance our well-being and balance our calming happy hormones. Happiness and optimal health have their own biochemistry. Find out how you can balance your body and brain.

You deserve to feel happy, calm, energetic, well rested, focused and pain free.





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