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Acumen Lab

The Acumen test is an advanced medicine lab in England that tests your blood. The test can determine if a toxin or toxins are stuck to your DNA and if so, which gene it may be shutting down. It can test for heavy metals, plastics, pesticides, personal skin care products, medications and other toxins. Toxins stuck to your DNA may shut down genes that protect your cells, genes that protect you against breast cancer or those that have an important role in the function of your body.

The comprehensive Acumen also tests the function of mitochondria and the effect the toxins may have on this energy system. This lab can also measure the degree of cell degeneration an individual may be experiencing. The more the cells are degrading, the higher the risk for malignancy, auto-immune disorders, stroke, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Multiple toxins can also be found in the blood that may not be attached to the DNA. Neurological disorders have been associated with toxins such as Parkinson’s disease. The toxins can affect the genes as well as enzymatic processes.


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